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5 Design Features Inspiring Our Work

With a dozen projects in the works for 2023, our studio is constantly gathering fresh ideas to guide our design concepts. As a team of passionate, creative designers, we know that inspiration comes in many forms and that it’s sometimes found in unexpected places. Online resources like Pinterest and Instagram certainly have their place, but we love looking beyond the digital realm. The forms, color palettes, and materials found in the Idaho mountains are a driving force behind our work, and we love paying homage to our natural landscape as often as possible.

To offer a glimpse inside our process, we’re sharing five design features currently inspiring our work—from archways to curves to deep color and more.

Design: Latham Interiors, Project Lake Creek Retreat

1. Archways

Many of our clients are looking for ways to add architectural interest to their space. That can look like exposed ceiling beams or various wall treatments, but we also love the use of archways. The softened lines of the arch shape work to draw the eye upward, making a room feel larger and more open than a standard perpendicular angle. In addition to entryways and windows, an arch theme can really be used anywhere in the home. We’ve seen the arch trend gaining momentum in fireplace design, built-in shelving, and so much more.

Design by Amber Interiors

2. Curves

As a close cousin of archways, curves can be seen everywhere in furniture and decor. Many homes we design have a modern and organic yet classic sensibility, and curved silhouettes often work beautifully within that style. Curved end tables or bookcases are a great way to create contrast in a room filled with clean lines. And while curves are trending, we believe they also have such a timeless appeal. 

Design: Latham Interiors, Project Snowy River 

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3. Deep Color

We tend to design with layered neutral tones, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love to play with color. You might have noticed that deep, dramatic color tones have been finding their way into our recent work—from the earthy green kitchen cabinetry in our Texas Hideaway project to the moody-hued tile selections seen throughout our Snowy River project. Dark, warm color tones bring a level of subdued sophistication to a home, and we’re excited to continue designing with these risk-taking tones in our upcoming work.

4. Mixed Metals

A common question we receive from our clients is whether it’s ok to mix metal finishes in the kitchen or bathroom. Our response? We are definitely on ”team mixed metals” when it’s done well and within the right context. In our Hulen Meadows kitchen, for example, you can see we mixed matte black cabinet pulls and knobs with nickel faucets and a hint of copper in our statement pendant lights. The tones of these metals all play well together, and we love helping our clients think outside the box.

Design: Latham Interiors, Project Hulen Meadows

5. Natural Materials

If you’ve followed along with our studio, you probably know that natural materials are a signature feature of our work. Many Latham Interiors projects are located here in the beautiful Sun Valley area, and we allow the landscape to guide our decision-making every step of the way. You’ll always find materials like wood, stone, and leather throughout our residential and commercial work, and we don’t shy away from mixing wood tones, like you’ll see throughout our Timber Lane project.

Design: Latham Interiors, Project Hulen Meadows

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If you’d like to discuss an upcoming project, we’d love to hear from you. Submit a contact form to get in touch and tell us more about what’s in store for your space.


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