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Tips To Cozy Up A Room For Winter Months

Ultimately, the most important interior design tip is to celebrate your unique style and embrace the process. After all, it’s YOUR space. No matter how small, creating your dream space is never too far out of reach.

Add Texture Layers

Having holiday lights, trees, and garlands cleared out creates a natural occasion for filling empty space with a special seasonal touch of layered textures and decor. Practicing the art of layering materials is essential for colder months, not only within our wardrobes but for interiors as well. The options are endless for enhancing lighting, fabrics, and accessories to bring a spirit of warmth and calm into your home.

All Things Cozy

In the living room, cultivate an ideal backdrop for fireside chats or curling up to a great book with throw pillows and an assortment of throws. Reach for chunky knits, soft faux fur, cashmere, wool, and velvet and you’ll have the epitome of cozy. Layering rugs adds softness that cushions bare feet from cold floors while creating interest. Cowhides and luxurious sheepskins can transform a living room from stiff and formal to a rustic, laid-back hangout that feels like home. 

Bring In Warm Decor

Spruce up your bedroom for winter by trading out lighter bedding with heavier fabrics and seasonal patterns. Stay snug with flannel sheets, fluffy pillows, and heirloom quilts in warm hues. Create ambience with the glow of candles and lanterns, and pull in floor lamps to brighten up dark corners or illuminate a reading nook. Bring some of the outdoors in with accents inspired by nature’s intrinsic design elements. Incorporate bright winter whites, leather,  wood textures, and lush houseplants for a taste of the therapeutic and grounding effects that wilderness brings.

Latham Interior’s vision is to encourage and create thoughtful, beautiful, and innovative designs. We seek to provide professional expertise and enhanced design knowledge to every client, fostering their dreams and ensuring they achieve their interior design goals. We hope you and your loved ones keep warm and well-nourished during these winter months, turning your home into a haven with these ideas for elements that awaken your senses to the beauty of the colder season. 


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