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Outdoor Lighting For Sun Valley Dream Home

Living in Sun Valley has so many perks, one of which is the starry night sky. We’re lucky to live in the heart of Idaho’s Dark Sky Reserve, with only 11 other areas protected around the world. 

With this comes responsibility. In accordance with our valley’s Dark Sky Ordinance, local residents actively follow certain measures to reduce light pollution. So when it came to selecting the exterior light fixtures for our new home, I knew we had to preserve our beautiful night skies. After all, we can see the Milky Way from our backyard! 

With any new home project, timing is everything. not only offered a great selection of products at a competitive price, but they also always have stock you can depend on. Our home was scheduled to be completed around the start of summer, and I couldn’t risk the outdoor spaces not being finished on time. And delivered! 

I wanted to make sure that our new outdoor living spaces reflected the minimal and timeless elements that we’d chosen to include throughout the interior. I searched for the best outdoor lighting options and immediately fell in love with their Hinkley Wall Sconce. I knew right away that it would fit seamlessly into our mountain modern aesthetic. The satin black finish offers a clean and crisp design, while the down-lighting makes them the perfect outdoor option for living life in the mountains. They throw just the right amount of light to illuminate our patio and seating area, without overpowering the space beyond our home. 

The Hinkley Wall Sconces were the perfect choice for placing around the exterior, but I also wanted to include a slightly more dramatic option to emphasize different entrances to the house. That’s when I discovered the Hinkley Aria Sconce. I absolutely love the perforated aluminum, it gives the sconce an extra bit of sophistication that compliments each entry way. And its sleek shape enhances the exterior siding, completing the mountain modern style. The warmer light gives almost a candlelit glow, perfect for a cozy evening outside with friends and family. 

Living in the mountains would not be complete without an outdoor space that everyone can enjoy, both day and night. That’s why both of these light fixtures are the perfect addition to our home. Each is bright enough to light up the outdoor seating areas but not too bright to take away from the night sky. 


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